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Environmental Efforts

Environmental Management Philosophy

    We Actively Contribute to Protecting the Global Environment.


Considering the environment as “something left in our charge by our descendants,” we view activities to improve and protect the environment as one of the corporate management’s most important responsibilities. Based on the concept mentioned above, we promote activities aimed at leaving a clean world to future generations.


Environmental Policy (Ashikaga Plant)

This plant manufactures amino acids (for Medicines, quasi-drugs, food additives, cosmetics, etc) and chemical products, and industrial chemical materials, and manufacture on assignment of derivatives Amino acids, peptides, intermediate of active pharmaceutical ingredients and investigational drugs. Effectively using the resources and energy required to conduct and maintain those activities, and reducing the waste that results, are, we believe, our company’s duty to society. We have thus established the following environmental policy.
In carrying out plant operations, we will actively endeavor, in cooperation with related industries and with Ashikaga City and other interested parties in the region, to protect the global environment and, through 5S activities, to beautify the regional environment. Moreover, all employees working for or on behalf of our plant will cooperate together to reduce the plant’s impact on the environment by pursuing the following objectives.
no1 By appropriately and reliably carrying out plant operations, we will maximally reduce their impact on the regional environment and endeavor to curtail energy consumption and waste.
no2 Together with maximally reducing the plant’s environmental impact and consumption of resources, we will seek to make continuous improvements and will properly monitor and prevent any possible causes of environmental pollution.
no3 We will observe all applicable legal requirements as well as all other requirements to which we has agreed.
no4 To achieve the above objectives, we will establish concrete environmental goals and targets and endeavor to achieve them. Moreover, we will review them periodically and try to achieve them with greater effectiveness.
no5 In order that this documented enviromental policy may be implemented and maintained, We will apprise all employees working for or on behalf of our plant of it and thoroughly inculcate the importance of environmental protection.
no6 We will make this  Environmental Policy available to the public through our website and also provide it in writing to any of our stakeholders who will request it.
May 1, 2014
Nippon Rika Co.,Ltd
Ashikaga Plant
Takahiro Masuda, Director