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Representative's Greeting

Nippon Rika, in accordance with its management philosophy – “Facing the limitless future, we will contribute to creating an affluent society where people can live healthy, high-quality lives” – has contributed to improving people’s quality of life by supplying amino acids in various fields, especially pharmaceuticals, food products and cosmetics.

  Hereafter, too, we will vigorously pursue the limitless possibilities of amino acids, ceaselessly undertake the challenges of new fields, and, above all, conduct business so as to meet the expectations and trust of our customers while continuing to achieve the main objectives of our management philosophy.

   We ask that you please continue to provide us with your valued support in the future.
Management Philosophy

We Carefully Cultivate Human Resources.

We respect each employee’s individuality and endeavor to create a workplace where employees can demonstrate their abilities and realize their capabilities. Based on the slogan, “With heart, cheerfulness and energy,” we vigorously undertake work, taking responsibility for our actions and without fearing failure.

We Obey Society’s Rules.

We obey Japanese and foreign laws and regulations related to our business, and conduct lawful work according to the rules. Profit gained through fair competition is appropriately distributed to society, shareholders and staff.

We Promote People’s Health.

Together with heartfelt service, we provide products of consistent quality, and the benefits of our unceasing technological developments, to the pharmaceutical, food and information industries and in the specialized fields of research institutions.

We Protect the Beautiful Global Environment.

As a top priority of the company’s management, we actively promote efforts to deal with environmental problems.
Daisuke Togita Nippon Rika Co.,Ltd Representative Director President And Chief Executive Officer
Daisuke Togita
Nippon Rika Co.,Ltd
Representative Director President And Chief Executive Officer