Plant Facilities

Plant Facilities


Our plant is located in Ashikaga City, in the southern part of Tochigi Prefecture, an area with a climate suitable for production and a location convenient for distribution. The plant boasts production volumes of cysteine for pharmaceuticals and its derivatives, and L-tyrosine for infusion use, that are among the largest in the world. To ensure stable quality, steady supply and low cost, we endeavor to maintain operations at or above the GMP level and have established a quality assurance system that meets the highest world standards. In addition, we have acquired ISO14001 certification and give top priority to keeping the plant healthful, safe and environmentally friendly.

※GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice

Address 610 Yanada-cho,Ashikaga TOCHIGI 326-0321 JAPAN
TEL +81-284-71-2181
FAX +81-284-72-5819
Site area 35,000m²

Composition of Facilities

To deal with diverse “needs”, “sizes” and “mass production requirements for future demand,” we have established a mulch plant equipped with a clean room, as well as production facilities of various sizes and for various materials.

StatusLot sizeFacility
Trial Production 〜 Midium volume Production 10kg〜100kg Type Specification, Quality of material, etc. Nummber
Clean room Class 100,000 1
Reaction vessel 50〜1300L Glass lining 8
150〜600L SUS 2
Centrifuge 36in. SUS 1
Filter tank Φ700mm SUS 1
Filter dryer 500L Hastelloy 1
500L SUS 1
Conical dtyer 400L GL 1
Shelf dryer  – SUS 2
Rotary evaporatus 20L Glass 1
Distillation apparatus 100L  (1hPa or less) QVF 1
Mill Jet Mill SUS 1
Mass Production 100kg〜500kg Type Specification, Quality of material, etc. Nummber
Clean room Class 100,000 3
UF Water equipment 2000L/H 2
Reaction vessel 2000L Glass lining 8
3000L Glass lining 2
5000L Glass lining 2
Centrifuge 48in. Rubber lining 2
48in. SUS 2
Dryer 1000L(Conical) Glass lining 1
2000L(Conical) Glass lining 1
1000L(SV mixer) SUS 1