Production System

Nippon Rika’s motto is, “The customer comes first.” We promise to provide customers with the best possible quality and service.

Nippon Rika has focused on amino acids – the source of life – since its founding, and was the first in the world to begin manufacturing them. Since then we have continued to supply, worldwide, high-quality amino acids used in pharmaceuticals, food products and cosmetics.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of amino acids, we not only supply superior products but also actively pursue the limitless possibilities contained in the extension of amino acids.

Plant Facilities

We have a plant that has received ISO 14001 certification, that complies with GMP, and that is located in a region well-suited for production and distribution. There we produce the world’s largest output of L-tyrosine for infusion use and other products.

Quality Control System

Through our compliance with GMP, our registration of Drug Master Files (DMFs), and our other efforts at quality control, we have gained the implicit trust of our customers.